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Diagnostic Facet Block

Relief from arthritis pain & more

Some patients come to Jeffrey B. Glaser, MD, to get back or neck pain relief caused by a damaged or degenerative facet joint causing median branch nerve entrapment. Facet joint pain is typically reproducible on physical exam and during various diagnostic maneuvers.

Facet syndrome may be caused by arthritis, mechanical stress or trauma due to an accident or injury. A cervical facet block (neck), thoracic facet block (upper back) or lumbar facet block (lower back) is used to determine if the facet is causing the patient’s pain. Although not intended to be therapeutic, a facet block may relieve a patient’s pain for weeks to months. More commonly, pain will return within hours of the facet block when the local anesthetic wears off.

If complete pain relief occurs while selected facets are numb, then those joints are likely to be the pain generators. In such cases, patients may be candidates for radiofrequency ablation or rhizotomy.

Other Nerve Blocks

Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve block:

The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve is a nerve that receives sensation from the top lateral part of the thighs on each side. When it is dysfunctional because of pressure, injury or entrapment, pain can be felt in the lateral thighs. Symptoms may include tingling, numbness or painful stinging sensations in the front or outer parts of the thighs.

Peripheral nerve block:

Peripheral nerve blocks are typically performed as an alternative to anestesia and central nerve block during surgeries. The advantages of peripheral nerve blocks is reduced risk of postoperative fatigue/confusion, nausea and less need for strong pain medication after surgery. Patients report less postsurgery pain and shorter recovery time.

Stellate ganglion block:

A stellate ganglion block (sympathetic block) is an injection of local anesthetic into the front of the neck. It is typically ordered by the doctor for pain located in the head, neck, chest or arm that is caused by sympathetically maintained pain (complex regional pain syndrome), causalgia (nerve injury), herpes zoster (shingles) or intractable angina. Stellate ganglion blocks are also used with circulation problems, particularly Raynaud's phenomenon or complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), to see if blood flow can be improved.

Celiac plexus block:

A celiac plexus block is performed to block the pain signal that the brain is receiving from the abdomen. Dr. Glaser performs this procedure as a part of the treatment to manage pain for patients suffering from chronic abdominal pain that can be due to chronic pancreatitis or cancer. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes to perform and the risks and complications are very low. The pain-relieving effect of the procedure can last anywhere from a few days to months.

Dual board-certified anesthesiology and pain management specialist Jeffrey B. Glaser, MD, uses these and other peripheral nerve blocks throughout the body, including discograms to diagnose and treat pain caused by nerve entrapment and inflammation.

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