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  • Precision Spectra™ Remote Control Patient Instructional Video

  • Precision™ Charger Patient Instructional Video

  • Precision™ Plus Remote Control Patient Instructional Video

  • JUSTIN: The Complete Series

  • JUSTIN: A Wife's Perspective (Chapter 7)

  • JUSTIN: Race Against Pain™ (Chapter 6)

  • JUSTIN: A New Outlook (Chapter 5)

  • JUSTIN: A Personalized Approach (Chapter 4)

  • JUSTIN: Trial (Chapter 3)

  • JUSTIN: Hope (Chapter 2)

  • JUSTIN: The Beginning (Chapter 1)

  • NATHAN: A father helps his son

  • LAURA: A mother with a lot more to give

  • ALESIA: Sometimes your job and your calling are one and the same

  • CARL: You don't have to know music to understand harmony

  • PAUL: Sometimes you aren't the one who finds your way

  • ARLENE: Nothing is worth doing if it can't be shared

  • KEVIN: Thereĺs nothing small about small moments

  • MITCH AND SENITA: The sweetest sound is the rhythm of life

  • Learning About Your Charger

  • Learning About Your Precision™ Plus Remote Control

  • Learning About Your Precision Spectra™ Remote Control

  • LeadSync™ Technology

  • Illumina 3D™ Programming Algorithm

  • FluoroSync™ Interface

  • The CoverEdge™ 32 and CoverEdge™ X 32 Surgical Leads

  • The Key Technologies of Precision Spectra™ SCS

  • 4 Ports Make a Difference

  • Pain Relief Starts with Coverage

  • History of Innovation

  • How SCS Works

  • A Quick Glimpse of Precision Spectra™

  • Precision Spectra™ SCS

  • Imaging Options

  • Therapy First

  • Imaging and SCS

  • Life with SCS (6 of 6)

  • The Implant Procedure and Post Op. (5 of 6)

  • SCS Trial (4 of 6)

  • Individualized Therapy (2 of 6)

  • Is SCS Right For You? (3 of 6)

  • Individualized Therapy (2 of 6)

Experience advanced medical care for a better life. Get it at Glaser Pain Relief Center. Schedule an appointment with us at 818-501-PAIN (7246). For your convenience, you can use our Patient Portal to book your consultation. We serve the communities of Encino, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Sherman Oaks and Studio City in LA County, CA.

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Dr. Glaser is amazing. I cannot believe the great level of relief I have. I was facing a future with the potential of severe limitation and the end of serious misery.

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